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The artwork of Mindy Page Dorris is especially designed for the
Autism Treatment Center and will grace the cover of the
28th Annual Roundup for Autism Program in September 2016

Mindy Page Dorris

The unique works of Mindy Page Dorris have graced
the walls of art enthusiasts throughout the world for several years. Since 1994, Mindy has created the
original Roundup image that serves as each year's
visual representation. The artwork is then unveiled
in Dallas and Fort Worth before it is auctioned at the Pegasus Ball. Many of the pieces are on loan to the Center and currently grace the hallways and greet
guests who visit our program.

Educated at the renowned Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C., Ms. Page is best known for her use
of light, color, and texture to convey a special feeling
or experience through her artwork. "I am honored to
use my talent as an artist to help improve the lives of those affected by autism," Mindy described her mission. "I strive to create a piece that brings together my
passion for western life, the pioneering spirit of
Roundup, and the gentle spirits of ATC."

ATC thanks Mindy Page Dorris for her awe-inspiring artwork that brightens all of our lives.

Bobby Norris Roundup for Autism
10503 Metric Drive
Dallas, Texas 75243